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Riskbly gives your commercial insurance clients' ONE platform to

Riskbly was build by commercial insurance agents for commercial insurance agents.

Deliver a full Safety LMS Video library to your clients

Past process:  Business Owner has a shelf of older safety videos outdated and irrelevent or has to spend thousand of dollars on a safety LMS library.


New process:  Riskbly has partnered with a Safety industry expert to provide a full LMS video library.  With Riskbly's expert Safety videos, you, the insurance agent, will be able to lower total costs of risks and injuries in your clients' workplace.   


The insurance agent can create individual employee logins.   Each employee can then have a training path created by a risk manager.

Clients get all their insurance documents and guidance all in ONE app

Past process:   Commercial insurance client has to go to the carrier website for current policy documents and look in a paper file cabinet or search computer for past policies.    OR (the more realistic way) the insured calls/emails/texts the producer to get him/her to stop what they are doing and send them the documents.

New Process: The client accesses your Riskbly app with your company branding to see current and past policy documents, certificates, and risk management guidance.  OR you set it up so that the insured gets an email whenever a new document or COI is available!

Real-time insight into your insured's Risk Managment

Past Process: Commercial Insurance agents recommend risk mitigation strategies, and leave their clients' office only to find out months later no changes have been made.

New process: Riskbly gives commercial insurance agents immediate risk mitigation strategies and processes to implement day one.  AND now with Riskbly the agent can check real-time analytics to see exactly where their clients are in the risk mitigation process!  

Offer your clients a full HR Compliance Library

Past Process:  "How are your business clients hiring, training, developing, managing, documenting, and offboarding employees?"


New Process:  With Riskbly, insurance agents can give their business clients a full Human Resources compliance library.

Give your business clients hundreds of HR guidance, checklists, letters, and forms to use to best manage their human capital.  

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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